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We are working to improve the health, wealth and well-being of our Customers, Affiliates, Suppliers and Staff.

For our Customers, we strive to create valuable products that will enhance their health and elevate their lives … and for our Affiliates … a chance to make a living while making a difference.

We believe in Teamwork, and have worked hard to build a strong leadership team that respects each other, indeed really likes each other. We leave our egos at the door.

We are committed to honesty and transparency.

We encourage and embrace positive intentions.

We work hard. We also like to love, laugh and enjoy life.

Our principles:

Treat all people with compassion, dignity with respect Strive for the highest standards of excellence in all we do Respect and regenerate the environment Respect our health; eat well, exercise, use safe products, reflect and rejuvenate Volunteer to help others less fortunate Give back; financially, spiritually and emotionally.



Regulatory and Product Development Dee is highly regarded for her regulatory expertise in the cannabis and supplements industries and is a much sought after consultant to the leading companies in these sectors. She is the founder of regulatory agency NuYuga, which has assessed and developed hundreds of products for compliancy, safety, efficacy and marketability on behalf of clients in Canada, US and internationally


Chief Science Officer

Mark has been involved in the natural products industry since 1981. He has served as a regulatory and quality assurance consultant for more than 100 client firms. Additionally, he has operated a logistics management company providing fulfillment services to the network marketing industry for almost thirty years. Mark continues to be an active medical researcher with projects in the areas of the physiological management of stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, cancer cell surface biology, neurodegenerative diseases, and age-associated muscle loss. As an inventor of ingredient processing technology and as a product formulator, Mark will continue to make cutting edge and effective consumer products available through NuYugen to make sure we are leaders in the industry and not followers.


Chief Financial Officer 

Chartered Accountant, George brings over 40 years of professional accounting and financial experience to the company. 



With over 50 years of experience in the service industry in a variety of positions being that of trainer, human resources manager, sales manager and operations management having multiple locations to look after has given me a breadth of knowledge and experience to prepare me for any new challenge that may come forward.




Liz has earned a sterling reputation during her 44 years of diverse experience in the Network Marketing profession. She is well prepared to contribute industry-relevant knowledge and skills to our team. Her mission is “to support leaders with vision who then help people with dreams.” She has coached and mentored many six and seven-figure earners.

Liz has served in numerous management positions on the corporate side of large network marketing companies, with titles including Director of Compliance, Manager of Customer Service, Operations Manager, and Country Manager for Canada. She has been hired as a contractor to write compensation plans and as a consultant to start-up companies.

On the field side, Liz has built large organizations and teamed with her husband to achieve top ranks with several MLM companies, including Diamond. They were compensated as featured trainers for company Regional events at hotel ballrooms in many parts of North America.

Liz brings a wealth of knowledge and skills related to computer software, website design, internet marketing and network marketing web platforms. Her vast network of contacts and relationships in the network marketing profession are among some of the most valuable assets she brings to Nuyugen Inc.


Medical & Scientific Advisory Board

Our advisory board features two dynamic mentors


A registered pharmacist with over 18 years of experience in the pharmacy, healthcare sector, hospital practice, addiction clinic and anticoagulation therapy management.


Sales / Brand Strategy / Education Robert Eade has forty years of experience as a researcher, educator and entrepreneur. He has studied a broad range of health and wellness products and modalities in North and South America as well as Asia and Europe. He has experience with product development and an extensive career in sales, attending a large number of trade and consumer health shows. His customers have ranged from Fortune 50 clients to average consumers. He has a passion for wellness products that work well and thus joining the NuYugen advisory team was a natural fit.

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