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Discover The NuYugen Path to Financial Success,
& Open Up New Opportunities for Your Life
Are you looking for a simple way to build a significant income? NuYugen’s Accelerated Income Rewards Plan is the answer for thousands of our affiliates …

Very rarely does an authentic opportunity come along that can really help us achieve our goals and change our lives. And when it does, do we even recognize it? Usually we’re too busy or distracted. 

You can do it! Don’t miss this one! The NuYugen path to financial success is one of those very rare opportunities and it can dramatically improve your business and financial future. Take the first step! 

With NuYugen you join a community of other affiliates who are building a for-profit business while also creating global social change. We are driven by a teamwork culture. 

When you partner with NuYugen you will help yourself by helping others. Our affiliate rewards plan & platform for success includes: 

  • The People’s Plan
  • Weekly and Monthly Pay
  • Mentoring & Training by the best leaders in the industry
  • Low barrier of entry

No ‘Gotchas’
Quick, Passive & Long Term Income

Boost your income with these powerful financial rewards:

  • Customer Bonus
  • Affiliate Personal Purchase Discount
  • Weekly 5 Level Fast Start/Mentor Bonus
  • Monthly 9 Level Unilevel
  • Rising Star Rank Advancement Bonus
  • Global Profit Pools
  • Up to $1000 Monthly Lifestyle Bonus
  • Annual Leadership Rewards Trip

You will be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

We are there to help and train you every step of the way!

You can do this!
The path awaits … your journey starts now!

9 Ways to Earn

1. 20% Customer Purchase Commission

2. 20% Four Week Personal Mentor Bonus

3. 20% Affiliate Personal Purchase Discount

4. 5-Level Four Week Mentor Commissions
    ( 20-10-5-5-5)

5. 9-Level Customer and Affiliate Commissions

6. Rising Star Bonus Pools

7. $500 to $1,000 Monthly Lifestyle Bonus

8. 5% Leadership Bonus Pools

9. Annual Leadership Rewards Trip

Other Significant Highlights

  •  The $39 US ($50.70 CAD) one-time affiliate fee will include a  replicated website
  • SouleraTM single bottle with 50 BV
  • SouleraTM 2 pack special with 90 BV 
  • Customer prices are the same as Affiliates prices where applicable
  • Customer sales count towards monthly Personal Volume (PV) requirements
  • Personal product purchases and smartship not required
  • Full dynamic compression
  • No structural requirements … go as wide as you like
  • 30-Day Placement Policy for personally enrolled New Affiliates
  • All sales and commissions are calculated in USD 
Join the Movement Now 
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